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Chianti Riserva D.O.C.G.
Alteo undergoes a temperature-controlled fermentation. The must is kept in contact with the skins for about 20 days with pumping over performed every 10 hours and 1 délestage a week. The wine matures for one year in 25HL barrels and 6 months in stainless steel with another 6 months in bottle.
The name Alteo is a combination of the names of owner Lia Tolaini-Banville’s sons, Alessandro and Matteo. The label is a detail of Bacchus from artist Rik Olsen’s Bramosia painting.

GRAPE VARIETIES: 100% Sangiovese.


ALTITUDE: 200 m.

SOIL: Lime and clay, with a considerable presence of stones.

ALCOHOL: 13.5%.

TASTING NOTES: Clear ruby red color with clean aromas of wild rose, black currant and sour black cherry. Persistent flavors of red berries with soft tannins and an overall fine structure.

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