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Winemaking Team

Francesco Rosi


Born in Florence the 30th of April 1981, at 23 years old Francesco graduated from Enology at the University of Florence in 2004. After several experiences working for some of Tuscany’s most prestigious wineries, in March 2011 Francesco was hired at Tolaini as head  Enologist and Manager of the winery.

Mattia Malanchi

Vineyard Manager - Agronomist

Mattia Malanchi was born in Florence on February 13th, 1989. In April of 2012 he graduated from the University of Florence with a degree in Viticulture and Enology.

Mattia has worked at many different important Tuscan wineries, and in 2014 he joined the Tolaini team as an Assistant Agronomist and Cellarhand. He has worked two harvests in two countries in the southern hemisphere: in New Zealand (Wither Hills, Marlborough, 2016 harvest); and in Argentina (Bodega Antigal, Mendoza, 2017). In 2017 he took on the role of Vineyard Manager.

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